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Redefining Dinosaurs

Muller's Creamery

For this project, I was tasked with creating an advertising campaign for a local business of our choosing. The business I decided to collaborate with for this campaign was Muller’s Creamery, a mom-and-pop ice cream shop located in Toms River, New Jersey.

The campaign consisted of three sets of ads, each focusing on a different advertising technique. Each set contained two versions of each ad, one for print and one for digital. For every part of this campaign, I actively communicated and collaborated with the lovely people at Muller's Creamery.

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Copywriting, Graphic Design


Photoshop, Illustrator


15 Weeks


Advertising Campaign

The Ads

Informative Ad

For this campaign’s informative ads, we wanted to focus on telling the customers about the unique ice cream flavors Muller’s Creamery creates, as well as the dedication put into their all of their products. Doing so can set Muller’s Creamery apart from its competitors and highlight the unique selling proposition of its homemade and uniquely flavored products. Some of their more interesting flavors include Jalapeño Pineapple, Eggnog, Peanut Butter Extreme, and Candyland,

This ad appeals to the consumer’s interest in engaging with the Toms River community by providing them an incentive to try out Muller’s Creamery and to continue visiting in order to try their new flavors. In doing so, this ad could create loyal customers who come to Muller’s Creamery every week to try their new flavors. This ad also informs the viewer when and where to find Muller’s Creamery.

Narrative Ad

For this campaign’s narrative ads, we needed to create a story that would be relatable for a larger portion of the Toms River population. To appeal to the main demographics of Toms River, we wanted focused on a narrative that would that highlight parts of the experience of living in the town and the surrounding areas.

Considering that many residents are beach-goers in the summer, Muller’s Creamery main season of operation, we decided to focus on a story surrounding the common occurrence of a beach day on the Jersey Shore, as well as the stress that unfortunately can coincide with this. This set of ads appeals to the consumers’ hopes for a less stressful day and promises a more pleasurable experience as opposed to when families and friends attempt to get a similar snack from Muller’s Creamery’s more crowded competitors at the boardwalk.

Narrrative_Assembled_Ads copy-02.png

Persuasive Ad

For this campaign’s persuasive ad, we decided to reach out to Toms River’s older population and remind them that there is no such thing as being too old for ice cream. Almost 20% of Toms River residents are 65 and older, meaning there is a significant audience to tap into. This particular ad uses the youth appeal and appeals to the consumer’s need for belonging and community.

Although this ad doesn’t appeal to everyone in Toms River, it will work better for the older population in the area, reaching out to a market that typically isn’t targeted in the ice cream industry. Another point of note for this particular set is the visuals. For this ad, we decided to go with a chalkboard like aesthetic to mimic the chalkboard the Muller’s Creamery uses for their own business. This gives the visuals a more hand-made and friendly look.


The Client

Muller’s Creamery is a mom-and-pop ice cream shop located in Toms River, New Jersey, conveniently a 15-minute drive from the shore. Established in 2020, they are a growing small business, run out of a single cart with hopes of soon having a brick-and-mortar storefront. 

Founded and run by Linda and Harry Muller, Muller’s Creamery is a family-friendly and community-centered business. Muller’s Creamery focuses on quality, community, and innovation. They create premium ice cream with unique flavors from scratch, everything is homemade from the ice cream base to the sprinkles on top. They are incredibly close to their customers and want to provide a product that helps bring the Toms River community together and make wonderful memories.


Campaign Goals


Expand Customer Base

Currently, most customers of Muller's Creamery are Toms River residents, but due to the town's steady stream of beach traffic, there's a large audience that is sitll untapped. Reaching out to more Toms River residents, as well as visitors of the town became the goal of our set of ads.


Social Media Following

Muller's Creamery's primary way of connecting and communicating with its customers is through its Instagram account. By promoting their account with each print advertisement, more possible consumers would be able to stay up to date with current happenings.


Promote Availability

Since Muller's Creamery is currently a smaller business, they are only available at festivals and other events happening in Toms River. Therefore promoting when and where you'll be able to find Muller's Creamery in practically every post is essential.

The Customers

Because of Muller’s Creamery's limited physical presence and availability, most of their customers are Toms River locals with a number of people from neighboring towns. They value dependability, connections within their community, and a unique and original product.


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Persona 1.png
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The Strategy

The strategy we settled on was to promote Muller’s Creamery as an ice cream shop focused on its core values of quality, community, and innovation, distinguishing it from its competitors on the Jersey Shore. We focused on the key selling points of their high-quality homemade products, their family-friendly business, and their original and unique flavors.


The vocabulary used in the campaign should be conversational and inviting. It should
depict Muller’s Creamery as an authentic and down-to-earth business that has a true
connection with its customers and community.

The copy message may vary from ad to ad, but the overall tone and feel should stay
consistent with the brand.


The visuals of the advertisements will take from the current brand colors of Muller’s
Creamery (grey and blue). Since they are currently a smaller business, Muller’s Creamery doesn’t have a fully established brand guideline, so the campaign will expand upon its current visuals to incorporate more colors and photography as well as some
illustrated elements to match its logo.

Takeaways & Conclusion

I greatly enjoyed working with Linda Muller on this campaign, she’s incredibly passionate about her business and was a delight to collaborate with. It was wonderful to use this as a learning opportunity as well as a way to help Muller’s Creamery grow even further moving forward.

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