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New Retirement Ad

New Retirement is a company focused on helping its audience achieve financial independence and security through the use of its online financial planning software and various other amenities. For an assignment, I was given the task of finding a way to expand upon New Retirement's current audience.


This was an incredibly open-ended prompt, but I soon deduced that the best way to bring a new audience of people to the platform was to create an advertisement informing these viewers about the New Retirement brand and its many benefits.


Motion Design, Illustration, Advertising


Illustrator, After Effects


5 Weeks


30-Second Animated Ad

Key Points

Younger Generations
Financial Security
Enjoying Life

Inspiration and Style

For the style of this ad, I developed my own illustration style based on the current branding of New Retirement.

Since New Retirement did not yet have its own illustration style, I based the designs on the pre-existing icons found within New Retirement’s brand library. I noted the thin and consistent lines, simple geometric shapes, as well as the offset color present across all the icons.


Sketches and Script

When first ideating for this project, I wrote several different short scripts for the advertisement. Each had its own narrative and theme, but each was being used to promote the New Retirement platform.


After receiving feedback from a New Retirement employee, I ended up combining several of the scripts and their accompanying visuals into one final script.

The draft scripts can be found here.

Rough Sketches.png


Once I had revised and settled on a script for the advertisement, I recorded temporary audio with my own voice and created an animatic to figure out the timing and assets that I would need to create.

As I worked on the final product, some scenes were slightly adjusted or changed to better fit the narrative, and any placeholders were replaced with proper illustrations and scenes.


Takeaways & Conclusion

I truly enjoyed working on this project. It was a fantastic opportunity to combine my illustrations and animation skills with pre-existing branding while still having the ability to develop my own style and build upon the New Retirement brand.

Although there are a few areas I would like to clean up including the audio recording as well as some of the animation, I'm happy with the overall results.

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