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For this Title Sequence Project, I had a loose concept of a show based on warring nocturnal animals found within a forest. Due to their territories slowly being taken over by humans, the creatures in the forest have resorted to in-fighting due to the lack of space, resources, and tense conditions.


I wanted to use this project to get out of my comfort zone of usually light-hearted, bright, and clean graphics, and try something far from my usual style.


Motion, Storyboarding, Illustration


Procreate, After Effects, Photoshop


5 Weeks


Title Sequence

Key Words

Styleboard- Title Sequence.png

Inspiration and Style

For this project, I was going for a more visually striking and high-contrast visual style. I looked into animation and illustration styles that had a more rough, scratchy, and hand-drawn look to them that I could adapt to suit my project. One of my biggest inspirations was “The Good Lord Bird” title sequence with its simple color palette and frame-by-frame animation.


Sketches and Soundtrack

Before I started sketching out my ideas, I decided to select a soundtrack first to figure out the overall mood and feel of the project. I ended up selecting Kevin Macleod's "Dark Hallway" and listened to the song countless times to figure out the best timing for scenes and how much I could nicely fit into the animation without making it overwhelming to the viewer.


I wanted to focus on nocturnal animals (hence the name "Nocturne") and what conflicts may be happening deep in the woods when no one is around to see. 

nocturne sketches.png


After sketching down my basic ideas for the visuals and story of the title sequence, I created a rough animatic for the timing. This animatic clearly wasn't a final animation in any form, but it was perfect for nailing down the timing and how much time I had for each scene. This was also where I first started playing around with the simple color palette and rough visuals, but it evolved quite a bit from this part of the project.


Takeaways & Conclusion

The prompt for this project was incredibly open-ended, but I found that to be an excellent opportunity to try something new in concept, style, and method. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance to try frame-by-frame animation and I personally feel like it made a significant impact on the overall feel of my final product

If I were to get the chance to go back and update this project, I would likely spend some time polishing up the beginning part and adjusting some of the transitions. 

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