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Tactician Upgrade Ceremony - TFT

During my internship at Riot Games, my most significant project was creating an evergreen version of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Tactician Upgrade Ceremony. This is a ceremony that had minor background updates done to it with every set release, but had not received a major overhaul since it's creation. As the motion designer for this project, it was my job to work closely with the illustration team to animate newly made assets for the ceremony, and then implement these animations directly into the game for both mobile and PC, using a variety of techniques including the use of Riot's proprietary software.


Motion Design, Collaboration


After Effects, Photoshop, Riot Games Software


5 Weeks


Create an Evergreen Version for a Pre-Existing Ceremony


Sailor Moon
Pokémon Evolutions
"Classic" Saturday Morning Cartoons
The Existing TFT Style

Mobile Version

The PC version for the project was created via a combination of Lottie files and webms exported directly from After Effects.


However, the process for Mobile was entirely different and required re-creating the animation in Riot's Proprietary Software. With this, the animation goes directly into the game with minimal to no engineering support needed.

Parallax Background

The parallax background for this animation was a collaborative effort with the Illustration Team of TFT.


Although this background animation was originally created for the Tactician Upgrade Ceremony, it was decided that it will be used in a several other ceremonies and reveals in TFT's Battlepass Function.

Takeaways & Conclusion

As the major project for my internship, I loved diving into this animation and perfecting every detail I could. It was an incredible hands-on experience that took me from initial concept sketches, all the way to implementing it in-game and getting to see it on a live product.

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